TDC CMS has been updated to v1.0.0

Introduced in 2013, our custom CMS has gone a long way until today. We are proud to announce that it has finally reached v1.0.0! So what does that mean for you?

  1. Automated crash reports: If your website crashes or encounters a fatal error, we will know it right away and we will be able to fix it promptly (note that this is only for maintenance retainers users).
  2. Fully reworked back-office code: This will allow us to easily add new functionality with time, whilst keeping it simple and fast-loading.
  3. Enhanced security & permissions system
  4. New datepicker system: This new plugin is lighter to load and allows fallback for mobile devices to display the default calendar option.
  5. Safe daily database backup: You can enable a daily database backup that will be stored securely on your server.
  6. Fixes: Exit the sessions ending randomely! Your sessions will now remain uninterrupted while still being secure.
  7. Paving the way for further updates (have a look below)

The next releases will be adding the following functionality:

  • Password reset function
  • Stay signed-in function
  • SEO module
  • Security module
  • Improved notifications
  • Back-office assets minification

Missing a functionality? Feel free to let us know!

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