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Portfolio image Singaplural

Institutional website
Portfolio image The Ascott Limited
The Ascott Limited

Web application
Portfolio image Epigram

Website optimization
Portfolio image EightStone Pte Ltd
EightStone Pte Ltd

Institutional website
Portfolio image Clinic MF (CMF)
Clinic MF (CMF)

Institutional website
Portfolio image The Body & Face Lab
The Body & Face Lab

Portfolio image Love Label
Love Label

eCommerce website
Portfolio image PT Abbey Travelindo
PT Abbey Travelindo

Web application
Portfolio image WellDone


WellDone UAE contacted TheDigitalCube in order to develop their online presence. It was an interesting challenge as the company website is on Wix.com, which offers very limited file edition possibility, and the name of the company does not appear in the URL of their website. We defined for them the most appropriate keywords for their business and made the necessary changes on their website.

Although we were not able to work on as many SEO elements as we usually would with some other websites, we managed to make WellDone UAE appear on the following searches:

  • - 3rd, 4th and 5th on "POSM Production UAE"
  • - 4th and 5th on "Design factory UAE"

These results were obtained with no link creation or even social media activity; both elements would boost even more SEO rankings.

Portfolio image Teng Huat
Teng Huat

eCommerce website
Portfolio image Open D Group
Open D Group

Portfolio image Green Caravel
Green Caravel

eCommerce website
Portfolio image Far East Retail
Far East Retail

Institutional website
Portfolio image O'Petit Bonheur
O'Petit Bonheur

Institutional website

O'Petit Bonheur is a wine supplier based in Singapore. They source exquisite French wines from independant wine-makers and provide them to the most prestigious F&B companies in Singapore. We built a fresh responsive website to help them showcase their expertise as well as a responsive EDM to let them reach their audience.

Portfolio image French Chamber of Commerce of Singapore
French Chamber of Commerce of Singapore


The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore needed a page to showcase their latest creation: SoChic magazine which presents some of the best French shops in Singapore.

After being contacted for this project, we delivered in a very short span of time a splash page presenting their guide in the best way possibe. It integrates a live version of the magazine, as well as the possibility to download a version for later use. The page is responsive and includes Facebook and Youtube integrations.

Portfolio image Svenson Hair Centres Singapore (SVN SG)
Svenson Hair Centres Singapore (SVN SG)

Online campaigns
SvensonHair provides treatments for people suffering from hair loss. They have offices in Singapore, Hong-Kong, China, Thailand and Malaysia.

We assisted SvensonHair in the launch of their new campaign: Svenson Headhunt.

This project implied web development and a strong coordination to deliver on time.
Portfolio image Simple and Smart
Simple and Smart

Web application
Simpleandsmart is a Singaporean provider of Training solutions. They worked with several MNC and provide customized services such as documentation creation, training consultancy and more.

They contacted TheDigitalCube for a very specific project: a elearning space with great animations.
Portfolio image Cinderella

- All works -
Cinderella is a Premium Employment Agency based in Singapore. They are a unique interface between employers and Foreign Domestic Workers to facilitate the employment of a domestic helper.

We built a responsive website for the agency in a month.
Portfolio image Shangrila-Adventure

Institutional website

Shangrila-Adventure proposes cycling trips in China and Myanmar. They were looking for a fresh new website which would describe well their business: nature-oriented and proximity with their clients.We created an original website based on our CMS, allowing them to showcase pictures from their tours and to easily add new tours or any data present on the website.

Portfolio image Candlelight Yoga
Candlelight Yoga

Institutional website
CandleLight-Yoga proposes yoga classes in Singapore. They needed a website and forum to start their activity.

We provided them a customized web solution with a refreshing web design to help them start and grow.
Portfolio image O'Batignolles

Institutional website

O'Batignolles is a successful Wine Bar based in club street in Singapore. They contacted us to created a whole new website for their restaurant showcasing the spirit of the place from its Parisian origins. We proposed two sets of drafts and customized the website to the different needs of F&B businesses.

Portfolio image KaiProperty

Institutional website
KaiProperty is a real estate agent based in Singapore.

We built a full web solution with a custom back-office for his business, including automatic forms creation, integration of his properties on Google Maps within the website, custom sliders, image uploads...
Portfolio image The Shoemaker's Elf
The Shoemaker's Elf

eCommerce website

The Shoemaker's Elf proposes custom shoes for Singaporean customers. This is the unique service of online custom shoes in Singapore.

We took care of the work on the tool itself but also its integration in the ecommerce system as well as the whole branding/design.

Portfolio image Head2Head Technologies
Head2Head Technologies

- All works -
H2HReviews is a leading US platform for reviews about technological products.

They wanted to increase the lisibility of their reviews and asked TheDigitalCube to provide them icon sets.
Portfolio image 77 Consulting
77 Consulting

Institutional website
77 Consulting is an English company of Business Consulting offering its experience to SMEs in the UK.

They asked TheDigitalCube to create an online showcase of their products which would look clear and simple. We came up with this web design, using the Webspell CMS by that time.

Please take note that the website is a preproduction version hosted on our server.
Portfolio image ShareNoBill

Web application
ShareNoBill is an innovative networking site for people looking for persons with a special skill.

Their project was particular in the way that we created a whole web application for them and integrated our web design. This project evolved during its development with the addition of new services.
Portfolio image Initiate Designs
Initiate Designs

Institutional website
Iniate Designs is an English company of web designs, mainly targetting eSports. They propose custom web designs for their clients at low costs.

We made a slick and easy-to-use website for them so they could easily show their recent works.

Please take note that the website is a preproduction version hosted on our server.
Portfolio image Cyrille Armanger
Cyrille Armanger

Institutional website
Cyrille Armanger is one of the founders of TheDigitalCube. He was looking for a slick and innovative design to present his freelance services.

We created a horizontal website with a majority of white and grey colors and some interesting jQuery effects (scrollbar, horizontally scrolling among others).
Portfolio image Editions d'Assalit
Editions d'Assalit

Les Editions d'Assalit asked TheDigitalCube to optimize the look of the index page. As part of customer experience enhancement, paypal has been implemented instead of the former solution giving Les Editions d'Assalit both a higher revenue (Paypal increased the conversion rate) and lower costs.

In parallel TheDigitalCube led SEO optimization giving the following results:
- #7 on "Livres sur le marché de la parfumerie" (Books about perfume market)
- #4, #5 and #6 on "Affiches sur le parfum" (Posters about perfume)
- #7 on "Livres sur le parfum" (Books about perfume)