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Online advertisement is the cheapest way of advertising

If your website is already wel-optimized for search engines and you still want to develop your revenue, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns are the key.

Become visible to millions of potential clients with controlled and limited costs.

The benefits of SEM campaigns are multiple:
- Controlled expenses
- Various versions
- Targeted audience
- High return on investment
- Measurable results

Controlled expenses: You define a monthly budget and you are certain that it will not go over. If there is a higher than average expense on certain days, it will be compensated by the other days.
Take note that it is a Price Per Click (PPC) meaning that you will only pay when a user clicks and not if your advertisement is shown only.

Various versions: We test for you different versions of your advertisement and choose the one with the best click-through rate. Your advertisement is optimized.

Targeted audience: Ads are shown only if the search of the user matches the selected keywords. It increases the conversion rate of your advertisement.

High return on investment: SEM campaigns offer a higher than average Cost Per Impression than traditional means of communication, which means a higher conversion rate for your products.

Measurable results: We will include the campaigns in your adwords personal space so you can track the results. If you do not have one, we will create one for you and teach you how to analyze the results.