About TheDigitalCube

TheDigitalCube is a digital marketing and web design agency started in Singapore. After only a year and a half of existence, we are now expanding to the Malaysian market with always the same goals in mind since we started. Indeed, TheDigitalCube aims to provide the best quality possible in terms of coding, design and support. We are trying to constantly improve and enhance our products; may it be our custom CMS for our clients or the clients access on our servers allowing them to track their projects. We are also taking part in innovation by developping more and more responsive websites and trying to reach 100% of the websites we develop to be made responsive.

But TheDigitalCube is also about responsiveness. We answer to our clients within 48h and, most of the time, within 3h - including modifications! We hate waiting for an answer and we believe our customers hate it too.

Customization is the third pilar that makes TheDigitalCube steady. From our past experience in web development business, we noticed that several clients had websites assorted with generic plugins. However these plugins didn't seem to fully satisfy the needs of our clients and were often lacking ergonomy. Among other thoughts, this was the starting point for the development of our custom CMS. We wanted to make things look simple and easy-to-use for our customers who were less tech-savy or simply detail-oriented. Of course, we also like to work with widely-spread CMS such as Wordpress or Drupal, but even on these platforms, we provide customized modules specially made for each project; and this because saying "no" is not part of our values when it comes to client needs.

Learn more about some of the people behind TheDigitalCube

Cyrille Armanger
Cyrille Armanger is the founder of TheDigitalCube. He graduated from a French business school and decided to mix his passion for web development with his knowledge of business. With more than 10 years of experience in the web industry, Cyrille acquired a strong attraction for design trends that he takes into account in his web development projects. Proficient in HTML5, PHP and CSS3, and with a good knowledge of javascript/jQuery, Cyrille proposes clean architectures and valid code with a focus on quality.

Martin Albo
Martin Albo is a French web designer, passionate of web technologies for years. He graduated from a French school of design and specialized in web design. Very careful to the new design trends, Martin has a strong taste for graphic composition, font choices and harmony of colors. He takes advantage of his skills to propose a perfect graphic identity to your website. Both his knowledge of web development and his good understanding of content hierarchy are taken into account when it comes to creating a perfectly ergonomic visual environment for your web projects.