How to choose a web design company?

You have just created your business and you now need an online platform to start operating but you do not know how to choose. Let us guide you with some simple and objective points.

What is your need?

The main point to understand is not to over-privilege budget regarding technical and creative aspects. A certain part of our clients tried cheaper solutions from countries \"specialized\" in outsourcing before coming to us. It seems that, from our personal experience, it can turn into a very bad decision.

If your need is a very simple 5-pages website just to show your clients that you have an online platform then it is wise to reduce the budget and the quality, especially since you know that you will change this platform if your business grows.

However your website is your main mean of communication then it might be smart to think twice on which web agency to choose. To do so you should require at least the following elements:

- Portfolio of previous projects

- .psd files no matter the case

- Vectorized logo is absolutely required

- Company registration number (we are never too cautious), for Singapore you can check whether a company is legal or not at this address.





































Obviously some small structures will have trouble to provide a very wide portfolio, you should then ask them if they agree to make a first draft which would convince you.

Designer prices explained

In your research for a web design agency you might notice that the price difference is very wide. Some agencies might charge you SGD1000 for a 5 pages website whereas some others might ask SGD5000.

To give you an idea the cost of a decent web designer is













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